Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Thank goodness for Mexican beer. Cheap and goes down easy (insert offensive comment here). Lately my go to has been Tecate. I bought one at the super market that was 'edicion retro 60's.' But Tecate is pretty punk rock, because I can't find a picture of the 'retro' can design online, so let's just look at a random image associated with the popular brewery:

Wait, that's not a can of beer! Ivanlandia, take us away!
The supermarket in question had a rack of those ironic vintage exploitation movie cards and I noticed this one:

Yes, it's an all but forgotten sleazy film noir. Weird how this reminds me of Glen or Glenda:   


I dunno, maybe it's the hair? Certainly Beverly Michaels was 100% woman. A b-movie glamour doll, she was a perennial blonde bad girl, and occasional muse of Pickup director / star, b-movie auteur Hugo Haas. This tawdry-looking picture is still not officially available on home video, but looks like a good one. Have to track it down and report later.
Meanwhile, here's a trailer:

And here's one of those lauded film noir experts introducing it at Noir City 2012 in Seattle:   


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  1. Tecate! Used to be you could only get it in SoCal--and it used to be cheeeeeeeeeeeap! (Remember when beers were regional? You couldn't get Coors west of the Mississippi; which is what Smokey & the Bandit is all about)