Saturday, January 5, 2013


One thing I'm really enjoying about the current era is how deep we're mining the veins of our pop culture past. Folks keep digging up a seeming cornucopia of underground treasures and aesthetic revelations. I've heard a fair share of Brazilian garage and psych, Tropic├ília and whatnot, so was pleasantly surprised today when I discovered this groovy, trippy, oft-fuzzed out eclectic group...

Dig that punked out homage to Hendrix guitar refrain. They are most known for backing Gal Costa on some early live shows (thanks Julian Cope). Who? Some chick from the state of Bahia who made it big as a groovy singer of course. And you know who else seems to be from there? This band that is responsible for my two favorite Brazilian sides!

Amazing track, right? Crazy killer guitar and wah wah work, just rocking and groovy in an 'out of this world' kind of way 'cept it's from Brazil. So anyway, here's Gal, looking stoned...

Not sure who reissued the Os Brazoes album, but it's seeping through the plattersphere. I guess it's available here.


  1. I love groovy music in just about any foreign tongue, the stranger the better. Gotta admit though, that Portuguese sounds like a cross between some Slavic language and Spanish, so I can see why it would come of as frightening. This morning I was listening to vintage rock form Yugoslavia, which in its native language, sounds quite warm.